The life lesson fibromyalgia gave me about happiness

Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, in general, are extremely hard to cope with long-term. We learn some serious resiliency, often the hard way. Sort of get sick of needing to be resilient sometimes. After that rocky road, and falling off a few cliffs there, I learned some things about happiness. Not like I am particularly wise. … Continue reading The life lesson fibromyalgia gave me about happiness

Negative nerve conductivity test (EMG/NCV)

I had my nerve test today on my leg and hand. And it came back awesomely fine. As in I have absolutely no neuropathy. But it is one of those things that is weird because then you're all like What the Heck is going On then. But, yeah, no idea. But it has been going … Continue reading Negative nerve conductivity test (EMG/NCV)

January: What? Already? -A Chronic Voice Link-Up

Time for A Chronic Voice Link-up January Prompts: RecuperatingReversingDawningMappingRe-Defining Recuperating I was really lagging into the new year. I'm not sure why but maybe it is just that the holidays seem to take a toll on me for whatever reason. Either way, I was exhausted. So I needed some serious downtime. But it could have … Continue reading January: What? Already? -A Chronic Voice Link-Up

Migraine treatment: B2 Riboflavin

I recently wrote on the topic: Migraine treatment and Coenzyme Q10 supplementation. I wanted to also mention the importance of B2 and the recommended dosage of B2. Vitamin B2 also known as Riboflavin is affordable and a migraine treatment that is backed by some research. See National Health Institute for food sources Points to note … Continue reading Migraine treatment: B2 Riboflavin