Botox in the brain- July 6/07

Botox in the brain migraine


So getting needles in the head is decidedly unpleasant. Who would have thought it?

But I’m not afraid of needles or minor fleeting pain.

I am no sissy girl.

Okay, I did cry a little and there was some begging for mercy, but other than that, super cool.

So looks like I am going to have a numb forehead for six months. Even if you scare the bejeebers out of me, I will not look surprised. The neuro warned me explicitly not to rub my head in the next 24 hours, or a might push the botox down and thus have an eyelid drooping for three months… not a sexy look on anyone really. And this makes me a little paranoid about sleeping… given I smoosh my head into the pillow and toss and turn erratically all night long. I just might wake up with drooping eyelids and an ear at my chin.

The neuro said we should see results in two weeks, although I should see some change by the time I go back to work. He said it works on 3 out of 4 people, although not everyone can afford it (400 bucks a treatment and even I’m not sure if I will see a refund). Of those that see a result 25% will be migraine free for the three-month duration, while others have varying results. So I can anticipate some sort of positive result, although I don’t think so much for the hormonal migraines. Depending on the results we might have to change my painkiller because Toradol so does not do much on acute migraines and seriously not so good on the tummy.

The allergic reaction of death did not happen and so that is all good. It would rather suck to find out your allergic to botox at that point, the point of dying from it. Any other some bruising any cardiovascular side effects will likely present within the first week if I have any.


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