High pain and low mood


High pain and low mood

Bad mood turning into frustration and a bit of the ‘why me’ blues and some ‘When will the pain fricken end today’. I am in so much pain now, from fighting all day with semi-successful painkiller and then moving onto not at all successful ones. I’m not sure I am going to be able to sleep.

So here comes the whining post.

I have tried two T3 to get me to work halfway, then for the other half I turned to four Tylenol and three Advil at migraine strength. And now I wish I could bash my head against the wall, it is so friggin intense. My eye sockets feel like they have been gouged out, the light sensitivity was bad but now diminished, my hearing cut out then came back with a piercing ringing in them.

My chest hurts with piercing pain, which is not angina, but it likely chest wall pain for the fibromyalgia. The back of my neck is killing me, with spiking pain upward when I move. Or spiking pain from the left to the right when I move. Trying not to move my head. When I lay down it hurts even more. I can’t try the new med yet as it would conflict with the Advil and my stomach already hurts.

So tomorrow,  after what can only be a crappy sleep, I am going to try nothing. Non-medication day to chill the brain out. And a high pain day for me. To clear the other meds out, make sure I’m not rebounding… which is possible I rebound on T3s because of that codeine. When it hits that severe point, or if it does, I will try the anti-inflammatory and see if it works. If not, after how painful it got tonight, might have to go to the ER…. actually maybe I should and just ask for a prescription of Maxalt, I mean no Imitrex, just Maxalt, it might not have that effect and I get my abortive.

I am getting upset over the lack of control. Too much pain, too little to do about it. Means it will be a very tough week and I am so damn tired of trying to endure these things. And I am paingry, I don’t care what they give me, as long as it works. I do remember a visit to the ER where I took an ergotamine, which made me severely nauseous, but it worked… so next time I should just as for that. Get a doctor note, go into work late, and say this is all I could do in order to come to work at all. Or use the Imitrex again and hope it is not as bad this time.

My shaky mood is not helping either. At a certain level of pain, my moods are all over the place, and not in any of the good places. High pain drops my mood like a rock. I guess this is normal. It isn’t exactly fun to have such pain every day, but the mood issues are hard to manage.


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