The Prodrome: Highs and lows

The Prodrome: Highs and lows

The prodrome (pre-migraine) phase is not all that bad usually. A little yawning, craving for chocolate and carbohydrates, some neck pain, and the brain shuts off. It is prior to the aura, which is obviously more annoying and spectacular in its variety.

But sometimes the prodrome is a bitch.

In particular the mood swings. It is either all the way one way or the other.

The euphoria side (jittery, trembling, nervous energy, extreme insomnia, but the elevated mood in an almost manic sort of way) is not all that bad… not really going to complain about a neurological high when it helps get you through the day. Aside from the fact, I talk a mile a minute and that annoys even me.

The other side of the spectrum is far from pleasant. An all-consuming, profoundly deep and spontaneous depression. Hits you so hard you can’t see it coming, while you are aware that it is highly deeper than would ever naturally occur, at least not without a darn good reason. You have to shake it off like a blanket. And the fatigue that comes with it can drag you like lead. Anyway, I would not recommend it. Totally a drag. And not all that predictable.

Anyway, I would say the best treatment for these abrupt episodes of depression would be anything that can ride you through it. I prefer to minimalize all human contact, read sappy romance novels, listen to depression music, and sleeping… sometimes all in one day.

Actually, distraction has been my key focus for the deep depressive states. Anything to keep my mind away from the dark thoughts that plague me.



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