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Are we sexier?

Oh the perks of having migraines… they are so plentiful, well not really, but this artcle mentions one interesting affect. First of all some of us experience a higher sexual libido as a migraine aura… which I have noticed as an effect of my ‘manic’ migraines, where really my energy level is totally spiked. And then there is the fact that an orgasam is god’s migraine abortive… and that is also true, sometimes, other times it can increase the pain… but I say go for it (assuming you are of age, and if not block this from your mind), since at the very least it is a darn good distraction.


Migraine Sufferers: Are they sexier

The study included 37 women and 31 men. 90% were not married. 23% suffered migraines and 36% tension headaches.

“We discovered that migraine subjects reported higher levels of desire than tension-type headache counterparts,” Houle says. “It seems as if the migraine subjects knew this already. When asked to rate their level of sex desire, they thought they had more than other people.”Migraine Sufferers: Are they sexier

  • 24% of the men had more sexual desire than the women regardless of headache type.
  • But both genders with migraines had 20% more sexual desire than without.


“That difference was maintained across gender,” Houle says. “This results in female migraine sufferers being quite like normal males in sexual desire.” Migraine Sufferers: Are they sexier




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