Abortive triptan


Triptan side effects


As I have mentioned Amerge is a triptan to abort migraines, and is one of the few things good for hormonal migraines. Tripatans are the things I should not be one cause of the whole angina with Imitrex. But you gotta try when it is the only thing that may work. So I tried to day. About then minutes later I had an asthma attack. Ten minutes after that the migraine dimmed and then was gone. Ten minutes after that I felt very wobbly and tired, with heart skipped beats and a ache in my chest. By nightfall, shortness of breath again, though not as bad as at first, took my med for that.

So ya, It messed with the asthma, or gaving me trouble breathing for some other reason. Yeah, it did some funky heart thing on me and I felt a bit out of sorts. But it got rid of the fricken migraine… the five day long hormonal bastard of a migraine. I think it is worth it… so I need to take my asthma puffer a few times and pay attention to my heart rate. No big biggy. The asthma thing does not faze me really, and the puffer helps, so I can deal with that. If using it gets me through those hormonal migraines it is all good to me. https://w.atcontent.com/-/7yItRRvi-4I/nikki.albert/71hst-TQ2nj.text/Panel/Autocheck


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