IBS-D: Never do this…

IBS-D: Never do this...

Never leave the comfort of your home when you are having horrible abdominal pain because when the effects of that pain work their way down you will find yourself glued to some public washroom for hours. Anyway, I have been sick since 8 pm last night, maybe it was made worse by moving around, but whatever it has been extremely unpleasant, did not get any sleep and I am at the point where I think I should see a doctor, any doctor, because this is so not good (I will avoid the unpleasant details of how not good this is). Anyway, I will never, ever, ever take those anti-inflammatories again.

The whole thing last night was rather ironic. I would never have left the house feeling as I did because I know where it generally leads. But I have had this pain in my gut for a while, so I risked it. I left the house because my dad, who is down for business, was sick. He was all out of it sick. Since he is the only person I know under the age of 80 with more prescriptions than me, I suspected it was a case of prescriptions conflicting with OTC meds, plus a fever from the chest cold he had.

Well, my brother and I had no idea what to do, since my dad has had pneumonia before and really it would not be good to have him alone if it got worse. SO we talked to his girlfriend and agreed it would be best to go to the ER. At this time I was in a crapload of pain but was trying to suck it up.

We go to the ER and as everyone knows the ER at night is a horrible place to be… unless you have a papercut or chest pains you will be there for a very long time, and will likely die while you are waiting. So we waited and waited.

While we did dad was getting slowly more coherent and wanted to leave (who wants to be in the ER when you feel like crap), while I, on the other hand, was getting way worse and was very familiar with their oh so pleasant public washroom. When dad felt certain he wanted to go, and he was looking better (maybe the fever broke), well we took him back to his hotel room. Although, I was tempted to stay where we were because I was beginning to feel dizzy and shaky, and not wanted to leave proximity to the facilities. So ironically I took someone else to the ER who started to feel better, and I did not want to see any doctor and was feeling progressively worse.

But very happy to get back home, where I spent all night in pure misery, but at least not in a fricken ER waiting room. It is just a good thing that dad and I did not have the same symptoms, either way, or people would have run out of there thinking it was a plague or something… which would have at least bumped dad up the list. I know from experience the way they decide who has priority in the ER puts people with migraines at the very bottom, as a result, the last place someone with a migraine would want to be. I don’t get why they don’t just get people into a room and then have them wait, I certainly know dad would have been better being able to rest and I know when I have a migraine it would be way better to be laying down.

Anyway, I feel like crap and need to go yet again…

Apparently, NSAIDs do not agree with my IBS at all. I said I was having problems with them, but my doc said it would go away. Yeah. No.


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