Wierd dizzies


I went out yesterday to go get my passport pic done. I should know better than to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. It was weird. I felt fine but when I was browsing for new video games I suddenly felt ‘off’. Not really dizzy, but more like everything slowed down and my focus was sluggish. I felt like I might pass out and was all weak and tremblingly. Then I got a bright migraine aura in my left visual field, a big shiny blotch. Then my heart rate went crazy and I got super hot.

I went outside to cool off and wait in the car but just felt drained. Thankfully, I was going to Walmart to get the passport pic and that Walmart had a McDonalds, so I got myself something to eat and drink. By the time I finished a very large soda and a cheeseburger I was feeling better. Then my shopping went smoothly and I felt all dandy and spiffy.

I have had this happen before. When I was on leave from work I would go to a doc apt or the pharmacy… but just leaving the house and moving about would just hit me like a wall and tire me out so much I was useless the rest of the day. I don’t get it really. Not sure what that is about… symptom, side effect, low blood sugar… beats you me. I suppose it is a good thing I was not driving myself, as apparently, I go from just fine to shaky invalid in 2.5 seconds. But recovery was swift, as long as I am close to somewhere I can sit down and rest a few moments… otherwise, I think it would have been more me passing out in public.


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