Video: The visual Aura

One of the most obvious symptoms of an impending migraine would be the visual aura. This was posted on the you-tube as a demonstration of what a migraine aura looks like:

Of course, the visual aura takes on infinite possibilities. And with the type shown here, it can be negative… as in more a deep blue and black, rather than white. And let’s not forget the speckled dots of light that just linger, the flashing in the side vision and the raining sparkles.

Also, auras are not all visual. They can be phantom smells, auditory hallucinations, tactile like numbness and tingling, as well as things like transitory aphasia.

Video: The visual Aura



  1. I hate looking at recreations or drawings of visual auras, because as soon as I see them I think I’m going to get a migraine. But I think they’re great to show other people that migraine is more than a headache. Also, it’s interesting to see that other people’s auras are similar yet very different from my own.


  2. Yep, as crazy as the brain can make them really. But rather pretty. There are definately similiarities in type and form… but they can vary so very much.


  3. For years, I thought I only got auras once in awhile since I didn’t see the spots and flashing lights others describe most frequently. Every attack is accompanied by a loss of visual acuity, however, and only recently did I realize that the blurriness was part of the aura! I love this video; I first saw it a few weeks ago and want all my friends to see it so they know what I’m talking about when I describe the need for glasses only during migraines. 🙂


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