Twisted migraine dreams



I am in peak migraine mode right now, and with work being so utterly lovely, it makes for a pain filled day. So when I get home I usually crash from migraine burnout and some feeble attempt to sleep it off.

However, I don’t sleep it off, if I can sleep I end up with migraine induced dreams. When you have a migraine at night dreams can be extremely vivid and twisted. Often some sort of pain is reflected in them. And you wake up in pain. Not quite the way you want to wake up.

Today, I came home just drained and instead of going to the local fair with my common-law spouse I took a two-hour nap-a-thon. And as usual, when I dream with a migraine, the dream has to do with pain, often expressing itself in a violent dream and chaotic dream. Or lately (maybe cause of my chipper mood) dreams about intense migraine symptoms. Today I dreamed my fingers were so swollen I couldn’t move them and then I had a severe asthma attack, dying and gasping for air as an RN arrived to think I was ‘overreacting’. It was unpleasant because it expresses how horrible you can feel without getting any help for it.

I get this sometimes. This profound sense of impending death in a migraine dream. Another common one is excessive vertigo. Usually when I am having vertigo attacks in the real waking world. I dream they are so violent I cannot stand. I keep falling down. And no one will help me. Or if I am alone I am unable to get to where I need to be. Sort of extreme symptom meets stress dream.

Yesterday night, I had some issues sleeping altogether and then had a dream that I was rubbing my temples, cause the pain was intense, but when I pressed my figers to the temple I went blind. My fingers actually slid into my flesh like it was clay and my vision just slowly faded right out. I kept doing it and it kept happening.  And then my left side of my face went numb and melted like hot wax. Yes, there is the freak factor of a migraine dream right there.



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