Migraine Expressions Awesome! I have not finished reading through it yet but it is wonderful. The artwork is vivid and sometimes even tormented. I tend not to like poetry, or I should say know what I like. The poetry I have read so far is full of imagery and compositions that really show a connection. I absolutely love some of them. The essays, so far are very interesting. One has the perspective of a woman living with a man who has chronic migraines, which was very revealing to me… as she had described is a pain she cannot reach, cannot sympathize and must let him handle it… and that he forgets conversations, his personality is muted and he is an absence of what he was.

“Migraine Expressions is completely different from all other migraine books — this is life with migraine illustrated in stunning images and words of people with migraine disease and their loved ones. This collection of migraine art, poetry, essays and photography is a beautiful gift and a must-have for migraineurs, their friends and families, health care professionals, and anyone who wants to identify with or understand the world of migraine – or appreciate and use art as therapy. An urgent need exists for further migraine awareness, understanding and research; and this book provides intimate and beautiful insights into life with migraine from 125 people around the world who live it. With a foreword by Teri Robert, Ph.D., Migraine author, educator, and advocate, this book complements the existing body of medical migraine information.”

I have encountered people already, via the blogsphere who have their copies and everyone is impressed with it. No one has mentioned my entertaining essay “To all those with Migraines: I too share your brain cramps”, on pages 28-30. It is good for a giggle trust me.

Anyway, this does bridge that gap of personal experiences and the subjectivity of pain. I saw myself reflected so many times so far. I like that, that others know my experience, have lived it and are surviving it.



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