Job interview, migraine fog, and bad word days

I find bad word days to be annoying… like my brain is stuttering and simply cannot find words. Which leads to trailing sentences, inability to name objects and word substitutions. Word substitutions can be quite amusing and you have to wonder how the brain came up with the choice, as semantically totally off the mark but rhythmically rather similar. Half the time people hear what they expect you to say and don’t even catch it when you say something similar, but when they do, not a big deal and even worthy of a giggle or two. Inability to name objects just makes conversations a little longer as you use descriptors to describe the commonplace object your brain forgot the name of. Trailing sentences, when your brain forgets what it was saying or how to say it, can be a little more problematic. I tend to shift the conversation, or what I was saying, or where I am looking, in order to jump start it back on track.

Today was a bad day for the verbal migraine symptoms, more so when you consider the wonderful mind dulling effect of Lyrica. It meant a lot of typos, bit typos where while I knew what I wrote, no one else would be able to (unless they know shorthand because I tend to omit the vowels for some reason) and I actually forget how to spell, which means a lot of spelling like it sounds. So I tend to ask someone how to spell their name when making an appointment as to avoid errors… which can be amusing in itself if my focus is so off I forget their name the first time they said it and they spell out ‘SMITH’ for me, giving me a look like I’m a moron, to which I usually reply with a wide grin and ‘Ah, just like it sounds’.

Anyway, today I went for a job interview for a job that is exactly what I am looking for… all the ideal components in the environment, company policy, activities, and location. While I am not actively looking for a job, when an opportunity comes in my area that suits my needs, and my current work situation so unnecessarily stressful, why not go for it. I debated doing so and could have missed the opportunity altogether, but after talking it over with co-workers and consider the fact my current work environment is not really on the up-swing anytime soon… I thought I had best go for it.

Normally I do quite well at interviews, but keep in mind this was after work and it is a non-migraine abortive day for me, and a bad word day ta boot and what you get is a rather haphazard interview. I mean, I got my point across, but it took my brain the long way to get there, with a few pauses and such. Usually more on the articulate side and not the impression I want to make, first impression wise. What a missed opportunity if my brain faltering, stuttering med fog makes a difference between me and someone else equally skilled. Thankfully, I am skilled, which helps. Qualified, which helps. Overeducated with an obscure degree in philosophy, which while does not help, does not hurt… ah, looks good on paper? Plus the lack of people in these parts. All work to my benefit. It was not as bad as it could have been.

I was a bit off, but this employer knows a little bit about being a bit off because of anti-seizure meds, so thank goodness for that. Not everyone understands the array of side effects that come with those things. I naturally informed her of my medical leave and my altered hours, and my problem with Lyrica, precisely in the mornings. Now that my meds are all settled and I am just now balancing on being able to tolerably function again it is not a problem but said the accommodations she might need for me would likely be altered shifts for the morning due to such side effects. Which is true in any sense. A morning migraine and a new med do not mix well, not until you learn the best effectiveness and pattern. So having altered hours for a short duration, gets you through better than actually missing a whole day. And I suppose now that I am reaching my peak effectiveness (dang asthma for wrecking it) it actually is good timing to start a new job. As I recall I started my last job at a similar time, had found what worked for me and was good to go. Until the asthma… man I hate asthma…. I would not if it had not completely messed up my migraine plan and system.

Point is, it could go either way. Just wish she had seen me at my best. Because of course, I think this job would be ideal and fun. It is a new branch, a small branch, which sounds exciting to start a new job at the beginning, when we are all choosing how to change things as they need be, get all organized. Sounds great. So cross your fingers for me, my friends.

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