Sleep study

I am not sure how effective a sleep study is on an insomniac when the study itself ensures it is near impossible to get to sleep. You look like an alien wrapped up and wired ready to go.

In an unfamiliar place, an uncomfortable bed, with a thin blanket and wrapped in cords. It is crazily uncomfortable with sensors taped all over. You actually feel like would shouldn’t move or you will strangle yourself or, maybe, just disconnect something, but likely strangle yourself.

I did not really sleep much at all since it was not my normal bedtime, to begin with. Who goes to sleep at 8pm anyway? Lights out? Uh no. Maybe midnight. I was not tired. Not in the least bit.

I tried to be carefully comfortable, as to not wrap myself in cords or unplug things. It was a sort of awkward position and not my usual on the stomach sprawl. When I finally dozed off, it was not a deep sleep. I know that I woke up four times to carefully change position, but more times than that. The last time, since I had no idea what time it was, felt like it had to be near the end, but I had a few hours of just laying there before it was finished.

So I am not sure if they recorded any useful information. I really hope so, since that lack of breathing thing that wakes me up sometimes, seriously freaks me out. But the sleeping test is for sleep apnea, which I don’t think I have. It had to be done and I am glad to have had the test. I just hope they get the information they need.

Update: No sleep apnea. But since they were not testing for much else, that is that. Frequent waking was all they really said. You think?

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