Killer migraines getting the best of me this month

I just can’t get rid of this killer migraine I have. It is making my neck hurt and kink up so that it hurts like hell to bend it forward. I can’t sleep because the angle on the pillow seems to make my head hurt more, and the ringing in my ears is louder than the background music I have and the throbbing makes me feel like my fricken head has a pulse. It is, of course, hormonal migraines and of course, it is a battle every damn month, but most times I have a handle on it… in the whole balancing different meds and suffering through what slips through the gaps. This month though I am scrambling to keep up and totally failing. The pain is damn near killing me and there is a point when it is intolerable and in the middle of the night that I wish it would already. I am also frightfully moody as a result. I just can’t shake this bad mood that hit me on Friday and is having a lingering effect on me that is both unpleasant and irritating. I am in too much damn pain to think about anything other than my piss poor mood. I did not go into work today, which makes me feel ten different ways of horrible and incompetent, but when the pain is that bad there is no choice. A half day would have worked if I could have just tempered the pain a bit, but no such luck. When I finally managed to get some sleep I thought I could sleep the migraine away, but that did not work. however, it did lessen the pain and I did, at last, get some sleep. Tonight, I am going to take two sleeping pills and try to get some solid sleep and maybe that will kick this… if not, then I am going to be in a right foul mood for work tomorrow and have to resort to going to the ER after, the ER being, of course, my last resort, that bit of desperation of the hopes that someone can just get rid of the pain for me, but the reason it is the last resort is because in-itself it is a long painful venture that only has maybe a 20% success rate and going through that entire process without a result can be hell on the morale.


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