Had my MRI

Brain in stormy cloudscape and lightning - conceptual of brainst

Which should have been done eons ago, and really does not do much except check to make sure they are not missing something. It does nothing to help me right now, in chronic pain hell. However, it did prove I still have a brain… which is good… I was beginning to wonder. Having an MRI is a lot like lying in a coffin, but the cemetery is doing massive and loud construction. I went in with a migraine, so it is not like the noise made it worse. I did find it a little hard to lie still because for some reason today is a whopping bad FMS pain day and I felt like I had been beaten with a stick from my middle back down to my toes… so I kept wanting to twitch and had to flex between scans. But at least it was not a twitchy bobblehead migraine day… I would have been there for hours.

It is really weird in the coffin of clanky-clanky doom but my auras go nutbars. There I am just staring at the white background listing to the machine about to take off to another dimension. And then I start seeing a warp and swirl, the sparkle of light, and blobs of color.



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