migraine rescue medication painkiller


Is awesome. This is the new med my doc gave me to manage pain and that is exactly what it does. T3’s never do much for me, likely because to me Tylenol is like filler. This one also has acetaminophen, but instead of codeine it has tramadol and I guess that is just different enough for my brain for it to work. It is not too strong, does not give me a fuzzy head, and dulls the pain for about three hours… so just what I need to give me relief when at work. And the relief is such a freakin relief. So good to feel just a gap in the pain. You realize just how narrow your focus is when you are consumed by pain… it is all about getting through things. Just a bit of pain relief and my memory improves, my communication skills improve, my concentration improves and I can think ahead as well as think more than one thing at a time. https://w.atcontent.com/-/4LHM8YrutBQ/nikki.albert/07e8DqUg1hC.text/Panel/Autocheck


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  1. Have you ever tried Imitrex. I am on Imitrex and Topimat which is an anti-convulsive that has been found to minimize the number of migraines you get. Let say you normally get 6 a month (that's me).. Topimat now helps to bring it down to 3 a month). Good luck, I knwo how awful they can be, just came out of a three day level 11+++ on the pain level.


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