MMM: Monster Motion Migraine

MMM: Monster Motion Migraine


I actually do not even comprehend how this is even a migraine it is so severe. It is a 10. That is for sure. Rare though.

Yep, the big MMM is the worst migraine ever. It is the worst because the pain intensifies with any movement; nod your head, move year head, accelerate in your car, brake in your car, walk…. all these explode the pain. It increases exponentially with the slightest of movements. If untreated the pain gets worse and worse every time you move until you are completely incapacitated by pain. Laid out, unable to even move a fraction.

The MMM yesterday. I used a triptan right off the bat, which does nothing for these. I used a T3 at work. By the time I was driving home, the pain was skyrocketing. Got home and tried to lie on the couch, but that made my head tilt in a painful way… ended up having to isolate myself in my room, curl up in a ball and pray for death. I took three Tramcet to get through the pain of the MMM, even that could not kill it. Woke up today and migraine still kicking and fought it all day. But it wasn’t the MMM which only last about 8 hours. What causes them, I do not know. Why they are so violent and severe, I have no clue. What do I get from this battle, a sore stomach and a pain diminished a little.

I am so ready for my road trip tomorrow. If this migraine has not run its course by then I’ll be in trouble.


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