dad's wedding13

Travel makes me tired though. Of the 8 hour drive to our destination for a wedding, I drove 1, got a migraine and gave up on that idea. Of our 8 hour return, got a migraine and could not drive at all. I think the definition of love is when your man is willing to drive 8 hours without complaint so you do not have to. That is how useful I am in travel situations… just more luggage. Semicoherent, incomprehensible, squinty-eyed luggage. I brought a book to read, but did not read much… kinda zoned out most of the way really. Kinda zoned out the entire trip. Not at the top of my mental capacity that was for certain.

I managed to kill my killer migraine by Friday when we left, but that did not stop a sixer migraine for the trip there, a sixer migraine the entire next day and a eighter migraine on the return trip. Oddly enough taking your abortive and being on a road trip or attending a social event makes that abortive not really work… at all.

There are some times, even if you don’t want to and the pain will make things quite difficult, you just gotta do things. You have to go places and see people. It is not a bad thing, just difficult. However, my father was very happy we came down to see him wed and meet his new bride’s family. He was very happy to have all his children there. I got to meet my second youngest brother’s girlfriend. I got to spend time with my two younger brothers, even if that time was just on a duller than dull ride. We may be an odd family, an overly dysfunctional family, but I do love them, even when I cannot see them as often. So that is worth a lot. In the end, I am glad I scraped together enough willpower, determination and pain tolerance to go.

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