Why Light Makes Migraines Worse

My photophobia is constant due to daily migraines and the added bonus of fibromyalgia. That is why I wear FL-41 tinted specs which are designed to help with that.

Why Light Makes Migraines Worse


Why Light Makes Migraines Worse – ScienceNOW

Not surprisingly, the six people who had no vision at all didn’t experience pain from light when they had a migraine. But the other 14 did. This was an interesting clue, because these individuals had faulty rods and cones, cells in the retina that do most of the work of light detection. They did, however, have other retinal cells that functioned fine, particularly those with a type of receptor called melanopsin. Melanopsin doesn’t help people see shapes, but it does react to light–specifically, blue light.
At this point, says Burstein, “we needed to follow the melanopsin,” to see whether the cells expressing it might link up with cells that transmit pain. And indeed, in the rat brain, axons from the light-sensitive melanopsin cells hooked up to specific nerve cells in the thalamus that play a role in pain sensation, the team reports online this week in Nature Neuroscience.
“This kind of approach is exactly the kind of thinking we need” in medicine, says Kathleen Merikangas, a genetic epidemiologist at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. She applauds the strategy of taking an exceptional group of people and then tracing the findings back in an animal model. The work “breaks really important new ground” in piecing together why light is so painful during a migraine, agrees David Berson, a neuroscientist at Brown University who helped discover melanopsin receptors several years ago. He cautions, though, that the blind volunteers in the study might still have some rod and cone cells intact, meaning that melanopsin could be only a piece of the light-pain puzzle.

So, yes, blue light is evil. That is why the tinted specs help. Another thing I recommend is the program F.lux on your computer. Most smartphones now have a blue light blocker on them now as well. All nice and migraine friendly.


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