Suicide and migraine

Research suggests the suicide link to migraine may appear as early as middle school, as early as puberty and as soon as one presents with symptoms. Past studies have shown rates of depression and anxiety are more than double in people with chronic migraines. Almost 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men with migraine with aura attempt suicide.

The study looked at 121 Taiwanese students aged 12-14 with chronic headaches and they were assessed for psychological disorders and suicide risk factors. Results showed that half of these students, (more than 3.5 times the normal rate) had at least one psychological disorder. 21% of which diagnosable with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). 19% with panic disorder. 20% were determined to have a high suicide risk. With teens with migraine with aura it was even more significant with the risk of suicide at 6 times the normal rate. Study

Another study looked at 1007 young adults aged 21-30 to gather information on psychiatric disorders. Prevalence of migraine was 7% in men and 16% in women. study

  • Major depression 9% without migraine. 22% with migraine without aura. 32% migraine with aura.
  • Anxiety 21% without migraine. 54% with migraine.
  • Suicide attempts much more common, especially in migraine with aura.

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