Women and our hormones…

Such fun it is.  PMS- premenestral syndrome.  Yep, a syndrome all its own that women all over the world share the monthly glory of.  Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of bloating?  Or breast tenderness and seemingly increasing a cup size for a week?  Throw in some headaches, fatigue, insomnia, irritibility and general mood swings and we are ready to party.

2 (4)

PMS means:

1) Psychotic Mood Shift
2) Potential Murder Suspect
3) People Make me Sick
4) Provide Me with Sweets
5) Pardon My Sobbing
6) Permanent Migraine Stage

Yes, the hormonal migraine trigger.  Ever predicable.  Always intense and extreme.  And extremely hard to treat.  Usually I can look forward to three days of hellish migraines… today being one.  Occasionally, I get a week or two of these nasty migraines, cause one they start they are hard to beat.  They all follow the exact same pattern.  First comes PMS which can be mild to moderate and usually involves getting tearful during girly movies and eating vast amounts of chocolate.  Then BAM servere migraine hits, so fast it leaves you spinning and usually extremely nauseous and maybe even some virtigo.  Sure you can take your abortive or a painkiller… the abortive might do something for a few hours before the killer migraine returns and a pain killer will do less, but might help with the cramps.  These migraines can knock me down for the count so fast, I can’t even put up a fight.  They need to be treated aggressively, and usually not successfully, so that they don’t keep on going.  Minimum is three days.  Minimum.

I think I was in a Passing Mindless Stupour this morning.  For the first four hours I was just oblivious to anything.  It was not just the pain, which was very sharp, but also the body fatigue and mental haze.  Then I sort of muddled through the rest of it, eternally grateful for this leave of absence from work.  Work and hormonally trigger migraines do not go together. Other things that do not go with these migraines are activities like thinking and moving and blinking.

Yes, women are awesome.  I should know, as I am one and I am somewhat awesome.  We also are known for having a well developed tolerance to pain…. because we experience it every dang month. (In my case, obviously, far more often).  I could do without the PMS part and the hormonal migraine trigger is really no fun at all.  Not only is this not fun for us, but you can be assured, we will make sure it is not fun for anyone else either.  You try and take my chocolate away and I will bite your hand off.

So Day 18 of Neuro drug trial… Not freakin fun at all.  I still have the migraine I woke up with, thankfully not as intense.  And I am rather cranky.  Slightly bloated.  Cranky.  A tad sick to my stomach.  Cranky.  And very brainless… so lets leave it at that shall we, before all the men become extremely uncomfortable.



  1. Hello. I have been reading your blog for sometime now, as I also suffer from chronic debilitating migraines. Like you, I have tried a laundry list of medications, as well as occipital nerve blocks, steroid injections, botox, acupuncture, massage and chiropractics. I am getting ready to have a radiofrequency nerve ablation done, which scares the hell out of me but also offers a glimmer of hope. I was wondering if you have ever tried any other modes of treatment other than medication to help???


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