MIDAS score

MIDAS score

Your MIDAS Score is 133
Your score indicates a Grade IV Severe disability
We recommend that you go to see your doctor about your headaches if you are not already doing so.

MIDAS test Migraine disability assessment test.  And here I thought I was using a lower estimate, since clearly when I work I do not do 90% of the housework and miss 100% of any social events.  Go figure.  Can’t get more severely disabled than that.  Given I did do a lower estimate and got that score, I have to wonder if anyone with chronic migraines would not be classified as severely disabled on this test… given I think it is a score of 21 that shows that (21?  what the hell?)

I think this is pretty accurate really. I am not coping well with the pain level I am at. I am not really functional at work. High levels of absenteeism and presenteeism. I have no social life. I barely do any housework or maintain the house at all. I mean, bravo, I think they call this an existence, not a life. Survival mode at its bare minimum.



  1. The first time I took the test I was shocked at my score. At the time I was still trying to work and really beating myself up about missing so much, being late and generally not being able to keep up. I think seeing that number was the start of a turning point in that I realized just how disabled I really was.

    I really do think chronic migraines are disabling. I don't know how anyone functions living like this. I really don't.


  2. I am not sure how I function either… expecially when I notice the difference between when I am on leave from work to what I am like when I work. A case of bad and worse, so perhaps my score should not surprise me. Nonetheless I would totally welcome being at 21!


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