The dizzies again. Odd.



Maybe I had a weather trigger migraine since a storm blew on in.  All I know is that I got very sick, then shaky, then dizzy.  I almost passed out.  My entire vision became obscured and I tried to go sit down, knocking into things and tripping over cats… just made it before I passed out.  And the ringing in my ears was crazy loud.

Passing out from a migraine always freaks me out, because you never really know what caused you to pass out.  You know this keeps happening once in a while. All I could think about at the time was making it to the couch before I lost consciousness, which I knew was going to happen.  When I get all sick to my stomach as well as clammy, that’s a sign right there.  I did not expect my vision to go like that, or the problems walking, but likely was just fainting more slowly than usual.


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