Working with migraine: Had a chat with the boss lady


I suggested a partial work from home and work in the office method to help me cope and treat my migraines effectively, not requiring to work less, just in different locations.

She does not think the area manager will go for it.  She says she does not think it ‘works for the position I hold.’

This ticked me off because many large companies have ways to help their chronically ill staff remain productive and work from home, and our company has staff that work from home anyway, so it is feasible and it makes sense.

I said I did not think the company effectively manages disabled employees and she replied they do, just ‘physically disabled‘… and that made me realize she does not understand the scope of my condition because I have an ‘invisible’ disability.  But if I had a limp, missing an arm, or was deaf, or something, sure they could help out.  So obviously it is going to be tricky to handle the situation.  But just as obviously other location likely have employees with similar situations… maybe have lupus or MS or some other chronic condition and the only solution can’t be ‘go on leave or suck it up’

Yet, since I will not get better in the conceivable future and I don’t want to miss days and mess up my co-workers’ schedules because of it… I find this to be a very viable solution, that will work for all parties.

Also, I am desperate. I’m not coping well with the pain. Not at all.

4 thoughts on “Working with migraine: Had a chat with the boss lady

  1. Isn't chronic pain a physical disability? It's certainly physically impairing. My former employer also mishandled my pain/disability situation, and I didn't know any better to correct them.

    I am totally impressed with how you are handling this and look forward to reading future developments. 🙂


  2. Hey Steph,

    Yeah I was stunned by the 'physical disability' part myself. My boss is being rather stubbon about it and I totally don't get why. I could get my neuro to cut my hours alltogether and I don't see how that would help them any. She looks at it like migraines are the problem, when they are something that will continue whether she or I like it, and my work enviroment is a problem we can easily adjust.


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