Visual Auras are fun


I was sitting outside watching my cats on their harness.  And my prolonged aura was particularly intense, all those sparkles of white seemed more like worms of light.  Then I looked at the ground and it was shimmering.

I said to spouse, “How hot is it out here?  I can see the heat from the sidewalk.”
He looks.  “I don’t see anything.”
“It is simmering, like a wave.”
“Ah, just me then.”

Ah, yes the joys of seeing my brain playing visual tricks on me.  V

The visual snow is a prolonged aura I have had for a long time.  But I still get other more common ones that occur prior to a migraine like they should, and this was was just that.  We got a thunder boomer later and I had a whopping migraine.


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