Migraine genetics: TRESK

Migraine-gene-discovery-could-lead-to-new-pain-killers¬†- looks like they may be able to potentially find medications to increase our pain threshold.¬† Gotta love that! The gene in question for this research is TRESK   It is believed that it controls the sensitivity of pain nerves in the brain and if faulty can bring the threshold so low that just living … Continue reading Migraine genetics: TRESK

What can we learn about suicde risk

Rate a suicides with migraines Past research has shown that rates of depression and anxiety more than double among people who suffer chronic migraines. Even more striking are the suicide rates: almost one in four women and one in seven men who experience migraine with aura, a visual or neurological disturbance which precedes headaches in … Continue reading What can we learn about suicde risk