Migraine-gene-discovery-could-lead-to-new-pain-killers – looks like they may be able to potentially find medications to increase our pain threshold.  Gotta love that!

Migraine genetics: TRESK

The gene in question for this research is TRESK


It is believed that it controls the sensitivity of pain nerves in the brain and if faulty can bring the threshold so low that just living is painful.

This is why migraine sufferers are so sensitive to light, sounds and even touch.

But the gene is also susceptible to being switched on and off with drugs which means that it could be altered to increase the threshold to such an extent it eliminates the feeling of pain altogether.

It is fascinating because TRESK controls the sensitivity of pain nerves in the trigeminal ganglion, an area at the base of the brain. The research found that if the gene doesn’t work effectively in the brain it can more easily trigger the pain centers in the brain and cause headache, according to the study in Nature Medicine.


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