Victory is mine! Or not.

I think the one thing that holds me back with coping with chronic pain overall is that I can't win. If I lose a limb, that would suck, but then I would be challenged to learn how to cope and then, in the end, I would, I would get my victory and be damn proud … Continue reading Victory is mine! Or not.

How to be a Hermit

  Due to savage pain and trying to work I have cut socializing from my life. I hermit quite well. When I go on a leave from work... I go full-on hermit-mode. How to Hermit 1) Avoid sunlight: Sunlight is evil, but besides that fact, if you avoid sunlight you will avoid 90% of people. … Continue reading How to be a Hermit

A little cognitive therapy thoughts

Here is the thing about cognitive therapy, we create our own reality and how we react to situations, stress, and depression. Unfortunately, we do most of this on automatic pilot. It is all habitual responses we have taught ourselves over time that we just spew out without thinking about it. In order to treat depression, … Continue reading A little cognitive therapy thoughts