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The aura is the complex of neurological or neuropsychological symptoms. It is the second stage of a migraine attack. However, not all migraine sufferers experience aura.

Aura can be broken down into 4 groups:

1 Sensory disturbances
2 Motor disturbances
3 Verbal disturbances
4 Visual disturbances
Migraine Talk

Check it out there are some crazy ones.  I get a lot of them myself, just did not know the name of it.  Here are some of the ones I get, although there are a few more as well


Depersonalisation This is a malfunction or anomaly of the individuals self-awareness. It is a feeling of watching oneself act, while having no control over a situation. Sufferers feel they have changed, and the world has become less real, vague, dreamlike, or lacking in significance. It can be a disturbing experience, since many feel that, indeed, they are living in a “dream”.

DerealisationThis is where you feel separated from the outside world, such as a sensory fog, a pane of glass, or a veil. Individuals may complain that what they see lacks vividness and emotional coloring. Emotional response to visual recognition of loved ones may be significantly reduced. Feelings of déjà vu or jamais vu are common. Familiar places may look alien, bizarre, and surreal.

Auditory symptomsProblems with hearing – This can include tinnitus (buzzing sounds, ringing in ears) mild hearing loss, difficulty understand speech
Dreaming disturbanceUnusual powerful, vivid or weird dreams, nightmares, recurring dreams and other migraine aura symptoms experienced whilst dreaming.

Time perception disturbances “time flys abnormally fast” — opposite of marijuana’s affect on sense of time.

Dysphasic auraSpeech and/or language symptoms:

– Stuttering

– Involuntary vocalisations

– Paralysis of speech muscles

– Global aphasia – Language disorder involving severe impairments in both comprehension and production.

– Anomic aphasia – ‘loss of a word’ often the sufferer knowns the word and may even be able to see it – but can not actually say it.

– Reading disturbances

– Writing disturbances
Autokinesis Illusion of apparent movement of stationary objects

Cinematographic vision
Visual illusion whereby the normal perception of moving objects is replaced by seeing a series of “stills” as in a film run too slowly

Corona phenomenon
Light or colour round an object.

Commonly known as double vision, it is the perception of two images of a single object beginning seen at the same time.

Visual illusions involving an alteration in the size or separation of visual objects.

– Macropsia – objects are perceived larger than normal, causing you to feel smaller.
– Micropsia – objects are perceived to be smaller than they actually are, causing you to feel larger.
– Pelopsia – objects appear nearer than they actually are.
– Teleopsia – objects appear much further away than they actually are.

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