Building Resiliency

September Blog Carnival from Somebodyhealme is "Building Resiliency: How do you bounce back when life kicks you in the chin? What can you share with fellow migraine & headache patients about how to build their coping skills to better handle unexpected, tough situations?" Hmm.  Um.  Well.  I am not really the person to ask about … Continue reading Building Resiliency

Migraine symptoms: All that digestive symptom unpleasantness has a posting about all that fun nausea and digestive symptom complaints we get.  I remember a long time ago I had a doctor tell me that my digestive system symptoms of Fibromyalgia made it so I likely was not getting enough vitamins, even when I took vitamins, and that the best way to get a bang … Continue reading Migraine symptoms: All that digestive symptom unpleasantness

Working with migraine: discrimination

I know in the past my workplace has been downright illegal when dealing with me and my disability, which was obviously compounding stress for me and a real drag that they could not compromise and did not want to help motivate me in different methods of coping with a disability in the workplace.  They did … Continue reading Working with migraine: discrimination