New ways to describe my migraine

Young woman with huge head ache
Young woman with huge headache

And how much my head hurts but not repeating myself.  It’s tricky, because let’s face it, chronic migraines are disabling but rarely treated as a disability.  So just saying my head is killing me does not cut it.  Kind of ignores all the funky and weird neurological symptoms, which frankly when people ignore they think you just have a headache.  I was thinking about how we describe our pain today because I said to my man ‘My head hurts so bad my teeth ache’.  You know the sort of migraine I mean.  When it lingers so damn long the pain begins to migrate away from the head, into the jaw, the teeth, the neck, the shoulders.  Now That is a migraine, eh?  If I say my head hurts so bad my toes ache, that is a clear indication I am about to overload and explode.

So what can we say…

My migraine is so bad I just vomited a little in my mouth (eewww).  (although truthfully I have thrown up right outside my vehicle when arriving at work, then in my trash can and then in the bathroom a few times… so maybe we should say this and give people a little warning.)

I’m eighty percent sure the room is spinning or I have a migraine.

My head hurts so bad I can’t blink.

My migraine hurts so bad the pain is maxed out in my brain and has now spread to my teeth, neck and, actually, my entire skin area.

No, I’m not a recovering crack addict but my brain hurts so much I got the shakes.

Either I’m psychic or I’m having a visual migraine aura.

Ever stopped walking but the floor keeps moving? No?  Then you don’t have the migraine I have.

My migraines make me so sensitive to light I’m seriously contemplating becoming a vampire as I assume That would be a valid reason not to go outside in the daylight.

Sorry, I can’t hear you over the ringing throbbing pain in my ears.  Are they bleeding, cause I can’t tell, it’s all numb.

Living with chronic migraines is like being delusional with dementia; you can never be sure if what you see, hear, smell, taste or even feel is real or if your brain is messing with you, but it’s quite alright because you forget about it the next minute


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