I cringe every time someone asks what my migraine triggers are.

I get migraines more than not, quite a bit more… so I think a good response is ‘Existence’, ‘Working’ or ‘You’.

All fine answers depending on the person.

Worst of all are the people that tell Us what we should Not do because it is likely the cause of all our migraines.  Because clearly, we all have exactly the same brain… so obviously we all have exactly the same triggers?  Quite frankly I don’t care if they are right… I just don’t think they have a right to tell me what to do about my health.  I don’t go around telling people their stupidity is triggering my slapping them in the face problem.  We all have things we could change to improve our health and it is just not polite to tell others what they should do, for a problem they have never experienced while ignoring the fact they have their own damned problems.  I’m just saying.  That ranks up there on the top ten things I hate people say about my migraines.

Triggers are tricky and numerous. And they can compound.

Here is an interesting read about food triggers. Food triggers and Elimination diets I’ve been meaning to try an elimination diet but my doctors have never recommended it and, in my case, it would have to be monitored by them.

Now on to the awesome news: Chocolate is not a migraine Trigger!  Yay!  Okay, less of one. The Good news about Chocolate  For me chocolate is not a migraine trigger, but in that first stage of a migraine it is something I crave. In the prodrome we often get cravings. I crave sweet and salty. Or both. And chocolate is often one.

“We concluded that people may be eating chocolate in response to other migraine triggers, like skipping meals, stress, and menses, and then falsely blaming the chocolate for triggering a headache. Chocolate eating can also be a response to cravings that often occur at the first stages of a migraine that has already started. While chocolate may indeed be a trigger for some people, it’s probably not a common trigger as had been previously believed.”

So interesting. What sucks about my brain is that, yes, it craves it. But then it says oh now you’re going to be insanely nauseated. Like it can’t decide if it Wants food or Doesn’t want food. Finicky beast.

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3 thoughts on “Chocolate: migraine trigger or craving?

  1. I have yet to figure out my triggers…other than stress and crappy weather. It's so difficult to pinpoint when my head hurts every day.

    Why in your case does an elimination diet need to be monitored by a doctor? I dont mean to be ignorant…just wondering.


  2. In my case it is my other medical conditions/medications that can be adversely affected by drastically changing my eating habits. I think that might be the case for most of us, but I could be wrong. I just have issues with fainting, low blood pressure and asthma, but I it is probally a good idea with diet changes to let them know, so they can help monitor everything. I once went on a no protien diet because someone said it was good for FMS (and also weight loss, so that would have been a nice bonus), but I guess in my case it was not since it made me very ill so I am wary of adjusting my diet too much. Although, I could probally cut out a lot of things from my diet that are not good for me without going to any extreme. So I have been thinking about seeing if I can eliminate MSG anyway. I just don't think enough about my diet to put the effort into it. However, I work with some people with a glueten intolerance or allergies and talking to them makes me realize while I might not be outright allergic to any food, I could have intolerances that affect both FMS and migraines.


  3. Way to speak your mind! I agree with the fact that no one should tell us what we should do or not do concerning “our” migraine issues. After all, we know ourselves and our triggers, better than anyone else on the planet. And don't these people think, for one moment, if we knew the answers, we would gladly do anything to make our suffering go away? Really?

    Others putting pressure on me to stop this or stop that only stresses me out…another trigger that seems to always be there in one form or another. But, anyway, keep smiling through it all and never stop sharing your insights!



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