October Blog Carnival: Scariest migraine


Scary Migraine Episodes: What is the scariest migraine attack you’ve ever suffered or witnessed?”

Well, I’ve suffered a few scary ones worth mentioning, for different reasons. Some might think it was the migraine that drove me to suicide, but no, that status migraine was just as bad as every other one I get in a month.  The ones I think are the scariest are the ones that are out of the ordinary, such that I think something must be wrong.

1) Silient migraine: Oddly enough one of my scariest migraines was a silent migraine and that is what scared me.  I had intense aura symptoms, including tingles on the left side of my body and some numbness.  I thought it was possible I was having a stroke.  So that was freaky.

2) Chest pains: I’ve had some migraines that come with chest pains, mostly due to the triptan use.  Once though it started with chest pains that were severe, left me feeling dizzy when they stopped and gave me a killer migraine.  I was told it was angina pain, but man, that is not a migraine symptom I would like to feel again.  It felt just like a heart-attack.

3) 10 on a scale of 10- I had a migraine that I consider to this day to be the 10 by which I rate other migraines against.  It was one of those migraines I call a monster migraine.  Starts real fast, specifically located pain, and a sharp electrical pain in the head… that is severely aggravated by movement, such that when you move even a little, you have increased the pain.  The very first one of these I even had it laid me out flat.  I was on the couch and could not move my head let alone get up… which I desperately wanted to do so I could wake up my boyfriend and have him drive me to the ER.  I lay there for hours, could not sleep, could not move just crippled by the pain.  By the time dawn arrived I was going nuts with it, then it moved on to extreme nausea and abdominal cramps.  I made my way to the bathroom, causing again more migraine pain and just got sick over and over again.  Eventually, I staggered to bed and almost passed out.


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