Canadian Thanksgiving day… What are you thankful for

what are you thankful for

So things to be thankful for….

1) Being alive is always a good one.

2) That my family is doing well is definitely number one.

3) That it was a long weekend which was a nice breather and I got rid of that uber intense migraine

4) That whatever the hell is causing the numbness in my hand is not affecting my entire right hand, given I am right handed.  So I can still type with my thumb and one finger, which is how I type anyway, that I can still write, or at least not any worse than I usually do, and I can still point, which comes in handy and when I forget the word of an object.  My pinkie is the worst affected and really how often do I need that one anyway?  Until this goes away I might not be able to pinkie swear but I can still do a good game of thumb wars.

5) That it is not snowing here yet and the weather is just that right state of gloomy to be nice on the eyes.

6) That it is very near the end of the fiscal year at work and I made it through with only two days over what they allow… which given the frequency of my migraines is pretty damn good and I might as well be thankful for it because no one else is.



  1. I've been having the same numbness and tingling issue with my left arm and hand. I had an EMG and nerve study that showed peripheral neuropathy. Don't know why…and it's annoying, so I know how you feel! And…I'm left handed!


  2. Figures, eh? Has to be the dominante hand. I was thinking I might have to learn to write with my left… and you know it probably would not make my hand writting worse.


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