My epic adventure of hand numbness is slowly spreading and consuming my hands.

Numb hand syndrome is starting to freak me out.

So my right hand is still numb, except for this oversensitive sharp tingle I feel when I apply pressure to my fingertips.

And the left hand is now numb on three fingertips and part of the palm… progressing slowly but consistently. Like it spread from pinkie to thumb on the right side. So it is likewise starting pinkie inward on the left side.

It is only a matter of time when it becomes as numb and clumsy as the right, which will further restrict my mobility.  Obviously, since I have not heard from my doctor my blood work was fine, which means not from hypothyroidism or a vitamin deficiency.  So it could be neurological.  When it was one hand there were some possibilities that made sense, now that it is both, not so much.  I feel like I should go to the doctor again but what is the point?  The CAT scan will either reveal something or eliminate some other possibilities, so I think why not wait till that is over… but then I think maybe I should go back and mention the fact it is getting worse.  I thought it might be the Reynold Syndrome thing that can happen with FMS, but from the way it is described, it does not fit the bill.  I can’t, therefore, think of anything I have health-wise that is contributing to this.  Anyway, I figure by Monday my left will be like my right was originally so I’ll check in with that doc again just to update him.

Update: It is peripheral neuropathy diagnosed by my neuro month and months down the road.

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2 thoughts on “Hand numbness: And so it spreads

  1. I think that you should check with your doctor immediately, or go to the emergency department. This is obviously not a normal occurrence, and should be treated as a emergency for you. Being able to use both hands is generally a good thing.


  2. Definately being able to use both hands is a good thing. I did scheduale another appointment with my doc for this Wednesday but I worry he is not going to have an answer fast enough for me at this rate.


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