Migraine neck pain: It hurts when I move like this… well, then stop moving like that


Neck pain is a symptom of migraine.

I went to my first physiotherapy appointment today for the assessment stage of things. First, I suspect the physiotherapist is like eighteen max but since he had to have had some training he must just look young… or I’m getting old and relatively speaking he looks young. Not that it is important, just thought I’d share that.

Secondly, I had a migraine at the time, which, obviously, it hardly surprising. But it was fairly bad since I’d treated it with a triptan earlier in the day but it was one of those ones that comes back, stronger and nastier about five hours later. So I was rather… fuzzy headed and really just focusing on getting it done.  Naturally, he asked me a lot of questions and naturally, the answers I gave were less than concise.  Especially with time.  People should not ask me anything to do with timelines.  I am really not aware of how much time has passed since the pain was more than the usual pain because the pain part is pretty damned consistent. A month and six months seem both accurate. I’m simply not that aware of the passage of time, just the passage of the week, as in, getting to the weekend.

Also, while investigating my neck pain which required a) moving my neck and b) touching my neck the answer was always c) yes that hurts.  It was all variations of that hurts less and that hurts a crapload.  Really given I had a migraine at that moment, just moving my head hurt so I bet it was hard for him to narrow it down, but it seems the horrific pain stems from the very top of my neck and lower skull area.

He came to the obvious conclusion that my muscles are carrying a lot of tension. Oh yeah, for some reason people tense up when they are in pain. Just the way it is.

And of course, given my less that ergonomic work environment and my less than perfect posture and working with a migraine and just a wee tad of stress wolloped on top of that… is giving me a lot of neck pain.

He is not sure whether the migraines which have been extremely frequent and violent lately are the cause of the neck pain or the neck pain is making the migraines worse… which really is a pretty puzzle isn’t it? Because neck pain is a symptom of a migraine.  Get enough migraines and that symptom endures longer because you are tense when you have one.  That really is not important what is important is lessening it which we will be working on twice a week probably forever… or until I run out of cash, either or.


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