Accupuncture fun

Imagine a migraine. Imagine a pin cushion and every pin is a lightning bolt of pain. Imagine the cushion itself is a throbbing pulse of pain..png

Yes today I did my best impression of a porcupine to date.  I’ve always been intrigued by the theories behind acupuncture… and always very willing to try absolutely every single thing possible that has the slightest possibility of improving my chronic migraine situation.  Although one may think getting needles stabbed into your head is painful (and if that thought sounds painful then you’ve never had a migraine) but this was completely painless.  Although after when I sat up I was the worst case of vertigo ever and it took a bit for that to get better… hard to walk when it feels like your left foot is falling through the floor.  I think that had more to do with the migraine I had, the fact the table was tilted at a downward slope causing the blood to pool in my head and because I’m getting over the nasty flu that was causing a great deal of dizziness.  Or getting needles stuck in your head causes vertigo.  Either way, it is a preventative technique I’ve been meaning to try and is somewhat covered by my work insurance… enough that part of the year would be covered if there is some success.  And honestly I was willing to try Botox in the head and this is less intrusive and definitely less annoying.


Acupuncture is weird.  It is doing something, I can tell that because it is giving me bouts of vertigo right afterward and then sporadically for the next day.  Which is weird, but obviously that means it is, in fact, doing something.  I am also bruising around the needle marks on my hand, which I thought odd and my fingers are swelling a bit.  Hard to say it if it working on the migraines because it is just one of those killer migraine weeks right now. But vertigo every time is a problem.

Now the physio is definitely helping.  Got rid of the neck pain and now we are working on exercises to keep it that way and improve posture.  My employer, the head honcho, said they will get me a chair and a proper keyboard to continue to help with my posture to prevent the neck pain from getting that bad again.  And if the numbness in my hand is due to the neck pain and nerves it might help with that too.

So I feel good that I am doing something.  Instead of going on a leave of absence I am trying things that I hope will help me get the pain back to a tolerable level… so I can get to me neuro appointment intact.


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