vestibular migraines

Sometimes I think of a migraine like out of control brain current, all that buzzing neurons causing such a buildup it can only be expressed via pain and brain hiccups.

What is going on with me lately is more like a full-on surge.  When my hands went numb and my doc said it was likely a prolonged aura I did not agree or disagree, but I knew it was possible.  Now with this constant vertigo which my doc says is also due to my migraines, I am beginning to wonder how valid that statement is.

Isn’t it damned unusual for two symptoms, that most definitely can occur with a migraine and do, have become prolonged symptoms?  And if those are in fact related to the migraines, which I can’t be sure of, then what the hell is different about my migraines lately such that suddenly these neurological symptoms are persisting?  And who knows?  I have no clue on an answer to explain this random crap.  Thankfully in mid-January, I have that neuro apt which hopefully means he might have a better clue what is going on.

The thing about these episodes of vertigo is that they affect me more so than other symptoms and that worries me.  By that I mean when I do not have a migraine I can be standing and feel like I am falling, just for a second, causing me to jerk and shift my feet to correct for this false sensation.  It does that all day long.  Also when I am moving it is disorientating.  When I am sitting and move it causing a bit of a lurching feeling.  That is weird.  Also causing me to fall down because feeling the floor is suddenly made of sponge and your skinking, thinking your falling, makes you make suggest corrections… that make you fall.  Makes my eyes track a little weird as well.  Now when I actually have a migraine this is way worse.  Walk like a drunk worse.  The vertigo sensations are stronger and more consistent.  My vision gets right screwy, as in shimmering and warping.  Makes it extremely difficult to be able to ‘function’ with a bad migraine.  Today it got worse and so I was forced to take my triptan when I otherwise might not have because I needed something to dampen the migraine asap so that hopefully the vertigo crap would lessen and I would be able to continue to work and drive myself home.  It did work, briefly, then it got weird again.  My vision is all slow at tracking and the triptan causing some of its unpleasant symptoms.  But obviously, I’m going to need to take that med more often in order to do things like walking.

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