‘Vacation’ time

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Yes, time for another pain-cation a vacation solely designed to give me a break from the intensity of pain at work.

I decided on rather short notice to take next week off for my ‘holiday’, which I don’t think impressed my boss but is perfect timing.  One of my co-workers is going to be on a course soon so better to take time off before rather than during.  I had little projects on the go, so less work to leave for others to do.  It is not busy yet but will be soon so better than waiting.  And, of course, I have a neuro appointment next week where no doubt I will be switching medications and having a little time to adjust to them is always a good idea.

Most of all I have been having some real issues functioning and taking a bit of a break is a good idea.  Last week was a long status migraine hell.  I woke with a brutal migraine today and since it woke me up with full-blown migraine fury it was difficult to treat.  Just one of those days where I got up, migrated to the couch and didn’t move from it all day.  Now had it been a work day it would have been a trial to get to work, not just because I woke with an acute migraine but because morning migraines are always intense on the neurological symptoms and today was no different.

My vision is just plain warpy today… everything shifting, flashing and moving.  So distorted there was no way in hell I was getting anything done or doing anything as stupid as getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.  A lot easier to do nothing on a day off though… and guilt free as well.  I know that with the neurological symptoms being as intense as they are lately, and this status migraine lasting longer than it ought to, that had I not chosen to take a ‘vacation’ next week would have been very difficult to manage.  I hate taking holidays early in the year because then there is less to take later, but I did spread the rest out quite a bit because sometimes just knowing I have an extended long weekend coming up helps me get through the week.

The last few months have been brutal and I feel a great deal of relief knowing I can just rest next week… just not do a damn thing.


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