Spring storm bitch slapped me good

This snow storm began Wednesday night and went though till Thursday afternoon.  This pic was in the beginning part.  All Thursday I was completely out for the count with a wicked, brutal migraine.  I slept till 1pm trying to knock it down.  I took a triptan.  Nada.  I took tramacet, my pain killer.  Nothing.  It was completely untamable.  Light was unbearable.  Sound was unbearable… and my spouse decided to vacuum ( I almost killed him).  Movement at all was agonizing… those shooting pains from the base of the neck upwards or when I moved my head were there.  The migraine was full blown all freaking day.  Start to finish.

Ironically I had taken Thursday and Monday off as holiday days.  Had I not I would have had to call in sick on Thursday, that was just how bad that migraine was on a pain level.  But instead I could stay home, be in pain in peace, in the dark in peace, without all the effing guilt that comes with calling in sick.  I feel a bit better today, I still have a migraine but it is about a 8 now, instead of a 10.  It is hormonal migraine triggered right now, last couple of days actually, that storm just knocked the one off the effing chart in pain levels.  Stupid spring weather.


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