Went for a mini trip to Calgary to visit my spouse’s sister.

May2012 147

Travel always brings with it interesting discomforts for us all, doesn’t it? Makes vacationing a wee bit tricky. And a learning experience for sure. Here is what I discovered:

1) Driving, as a passenger mind you, still causes a migraine that gets more intense the farther you go. Mostly because of the light and motion I expect. Less vertigo though because you don’t have to look where they vertigo will be most triggered, so that is good.

2) I can’t fall asleep quickly in a strange bed, that is a given. But I will also wake up WAY too early because no matter where I sleep the room is way too bright in the morning… because unlike at home, no room has been completely light proofed like at home. So… very little sleep time worked in there.

3) Air mattresses are Not Designed for People with Fibromyalgia I can’t stress that enough. I went to bed and as usual, went to sleep on my stomach with one knee hitched up so I was not completely flat, and immediately I felt pain in my rib-cage and then my hip. It got so painful I realized no way could I sleep in that position so I switched to the fetal position, but if you have FM you know what happens here, especially on a bad bed, in about twenty minutes my hip, knee, and shoulder was killing me. So I switched to the other side, twenty minutes later that side was killing me. I spent the night adjusting every half hour and then, of course, getting up when it was too light to even bother trying to sleep any more. I got up and groaned because I hurt like hell from head to toe. (I think the solution if I go camping this year will be to bring the foam thingies to lie over the air mattress)

4) Walking long distances with fibromyalgia is a trial and we went to the Calgary Zoo. I really wanted to go, so we did… but I hurt like hell and had a hard time walking by the time we were done. And that pain is lingering. Tomorrow I might now be able to move. It was a fun and short trip though. And I remembered to book a recovery day so that is good. Here are some of the pics we got at the zoo!

It was a great visit though. We had a fun time. And pain aside, the zoo was great.

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