The perfect doctor wishlist


Describe your perfect doctor to treat your Migraines.

I always go to a doc apt early to get in late

Probably one who has actually had a migraine.  Takes one to know one.  Although I suppose that would just be a bonus.  It is difficult to describe a perfect doctor because they don’t exist.  They are just as fallible as everybody else.  I suppose though certain traits would be nice…


I hate it when doctors or neurologists give up on me because they run out of ideas.  It’s called a brain.  Use it.  How did you get through med school anyway? Because I recall when I was in university a little something called research.  If you run out of ideas, something I find hard to believe because via the power of Google, my own research skills, I have not and the list of preventatives is Huge and treatments I have not tried that are I admit extreme are out there… anyway, if you run out, then research. My last migraine preventative, I recommended to my neuro. Based on research for vestibular migraine. That ought to say something there.  Look at your patient, their particular symptoms and look into it.  Call a friend if you need to.  But passing the buck so that I have to start all over again really pisses me off.  There is more than one preventative I’ve been on more than one time because of this… because the next dude down the line for whatever reason didn’t believe me when I said been there done that and it didn’t work.  It’s just idiotic.  So some damned persistence would be nice.

Respect and knowledge:

Don’t treat me like an idiot. I don’t respond well to that. I fully expect a doctor to know more about migraines than I do… or I should say I expect I neuro to, because doctors just don’t.  After a bit a gal just picks up a lot, but there is a a great deal I do not know and I expect my neuro to know more.  But that being said I expect them to share that knowledge with me.  When they tell me something I don’t want them to say like my last neuro did ‘That is migraine associated vertigo’ and then tell me that because my migraines are chronic I will get it whenever, like my prolonged aura because my brain is at a constant heightened state and that is the way it is.  So… well.  Why?  And what is migraine associated vertigo exactly?  Well I had to figure that out myself and it turns out it is a great deal more fricken complicated than he made it out to be.  He didn’t offer an explanation or a treatment or what I could expect or even all the associated symptoms involved with MAV.  Same with the nerve damage in my hand.  He said it occurred from a status migraine. No explanation as to how that happened because I know that’s not normal, or whether it could happen again, or whether the nerve damage could progress.  Nor did he do any tests to actually confirm that was in fact the case.  I want them to know what they are talking about, do their do diligence, and explain what is going on with my body, what I can expect and what the game plan is.

Bedside manners:

Don’t be an arsehat.  Enough said.

Think outside of the box:

Maybe the answer isn’t just toss a bunch of pills at me.  Yes, that is part of the answer, but there are lots of things to try.  I just don’t know all of them.  I try some things and it has bad results and I would like to work with a doctor who can work with me… give me ideas, send me to things like biofeedback or pain clinics or whatever to help me manage the pain that isn’t being controlled by the drugs.  Because I have to survive this somehow and if the meds don’t work I’d like a doctor help me survive and not just let me flail along.

An IQ of 260 and on the cusp of curing migraines

Well, I can wish, can’t I?

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger’s Challenge is initiated by


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