Working with migraine: When things get worse


There was a time a few months back when I felt I was potentially getting to the point of getting down to the 15 migraines a month.  That may sound rather sucky but daily is far worse.  I was put on Topamax in addition to my other preventatives in January and I was beginning to get migraine-free days mixed in there randomly for no reason other than to mock me I suppose but there was also a decrease in some migraine intensity.  Hard to say for sure, but it seemed like the intensity was diminished because I found myself using fewer triptans… I usually hold off on using triptans because if I can only use them three times a week I want it to be for a damn acute one, not a moderate one.

Then I started getting some problems with vertigo that were sometimes damned severe and other times just disruptive and other times preventing me from sleeping (hard to sleep when you keep feeling like you are falling).  This got worse when I started commuting to work.

Spring migraine season started which makes things worse.  I mentioned to my doc Topamax was causing the disturbing middle of the night seizure-like phenomena so he reduced me down to 25 mg.  But to help with the brutal migraine stretches he gave me Toradol shots.  I seem to be getting stomach pain from the Toradol shots and while the shots work really well when they work they don’t always work.

I have been having severe problems sleeping because I’ve been getting acute migraine after an acute migraine.  When I get them at night or into the night or I cannot treat them… I just don’t sleep, even on my sleeping pill.  I either get 3 or 2 hours or none at all. Obviously, that triggers more acute migraines and makes it all so much worse.  So I went back to the doctor because this can’t continue and he added something to take with my sleeping pill… because that’s what I need… more pills.

I’m missing an insane amount of work.  Not too much… way too fricken much.  I have absolutely no control over these migraines lately.  They are all acute.  I can’t treat every one of them without causing more problems, but I also can’t sleep if they are not treated.  Mind you, not every one I take a triptan for actually is aborted and if it isn’t then the painkillers I have are too mild to be of any use and the Toradol might work, or it might not, but I worry about the stomach pain its causing.

There is just too many of them and too acute.  Add in some serious sleeping issues and I am totally screwed.


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