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Headache balm I like

Pureliving- Lavender&Chamomile Tension spot relief – I really like this stuff.  Which is sort of weird since I loath lavender… maybe it is the chamomile or whatever else in there, but I don’t really smell the lavender.  I like it for migraines really.  I rub it on my forehead, temples, down my jaw a bit and behind my ears and down my neck.  I also use some stronger ones, but this one is quite nice, especially at night.  I’ve only gotten it as a gift so this is the first time I’ve gone to there site but they also have lots of other products in this line and others for aromatherapy…. but it is not so much the aromatherapy I like, although I bet it helps, it is just the way it makes the muscles feel I guess.  Like other headache balms really, but just a tad milder and more soothing.


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