It took a lot of effort to get to the pharmacy today…

… and yet I forgot to bring my brain. It is not too difficult to remember my essential medications, given I was out of both my triptans and painkillers and had a migraine… so that there was incentive to go to the pharmacy.  I definitely remembered to get them.  However, I ran out of my script for my nausea med awhile back and hadn’t filled it. Reason being the nausea I was getting which was indeed horrific was caused by the severe vertigo so I was taking the SERC and then when that was hurting my stomach I just resorted to motion sickness pills to just help me keep food down. I don’t like to take the anti-nausea pills too often because they make me… edgy and frankly uncomfortable in my skin. So I just don’t unless necessary, but with the vertigo being as it is and not necessarily wanting to take the SERC all the time either I want to have it on hand.  Unfortunately i forgot the name of it… which is really easy to do when it isn’t one of the essential, necessary meds and its name is Insane. I think it starts with an M.  And that is what I said. Did I mention I had a migraine?  Anyway, when I got home and unloaded my pills I realized those were not the right ones because I remember what they look like.  I’m not entirely sure what I did get, given the list of medications I have on record is also insane but I think it was the med my doc put me on for a time to help my digestive system recover from the antinflamatories my previous doctor insisted were fine. I needed to take them for some time as I recall and they are still on file because I may need to take them again if my digestive system acts up… I certainly can’t touch antinflamatories anymore or aspirin for that matter.  Point being… got the wrong pills.  And it is just insane how many you end up having on file for all this crap… not just for your actual condition; the necessary ones and the occasion ones, but also for the things that come up like horrible side effects that need to be treated after you’re taken off something. I mean the fun just doesn’t end. https://w.atcontent.com/-/0RZsCqFjee4/nikki.albert/6LMT3yJcw3b.text/Panel/Autocheck


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