Motion sickness and migraines

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Both migraine and motion sickness may be due to low brain levels of serotonin “Scientists believe that low levels of a brain chemical called serotonin may make people susceptible to developing migraine headaches. Many people with migraine also have a problem with motion sickness, but it is not clear why this might be. We know that many drugs to treat motion sickness increase brain levels of serotonin, an important brain chemical. It is possible that low brain levels of serotonin may also be responsible for motion sickness. In this issue of Neurology,1 Drummond reports on a study that evaluated whether low brain levels of serotonin trigger motion sickness in people with and without migraine.”

The connection is not news to me. Actually it is really an annoying thing right now given the whole vertigo thing, which apparently actually comes with it some motion sickness as well. There was also a study done a bit back that said children prone to motion sickness were more likely to have migraines when they were older… and I used to get wicked motion sickness. I still do on amusement rides and so forth.  But mostly my motion sickness is not triggered by vertigo.  Still, yeah, there is a connection.  But that being said I ought to have loads of serotonin given the preventatives I’m on… jeez, how much of the stuff do you need?


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