I’m just going to call the week-ish of hormonal migraine hell the Migraine Zone… for me the Migraine Zone is:

  • a Zone… as in it has its own damn time zone and area code. It does not play by the rules of ‘regular’ migraines if I can even say that when I get daily migraines. The reason I can say that I suppose is that the zone has a beginning and an end, but is days of one migraine… not a migraine a day. Totally different story.
  • Ditzy, dizzy, dumbass… a haze comes down on me and my brain shuts down. I fumble and mumble and stumble. Words fail me. My perceptions begin to get all Alice in Wonderland. Why is that wall moving? Did the floor just fall or the world tilt?
  • And the pain, well the pain peaks and just stays there. It doesn’t really matter much what I do about it. Sometimes whatever poison I choose will dim it a wee bit but never long.
  • Sleep? Who needs to sleep? Apparently, it is a no-sleep zone. Too much pain I suppose makes it less sleep likely. And the vertigo is… annoying. Ever try to sleep on a rollercoaster? No? Tricky. How about more sleeping pills? Then we enter the Zombie Zone. But do I really need a brain?
  • Nausea and lack of appetite… well they sort of go together, don’t they? But really I have troubles with both when it comes to chronic migraines and both at once in the Zone. Ever try to cook a meal when the thought of food is repulsive and you are not in the least bit hungry anyway? If you’re like me, then likely the answer is yes. And it sucks.

So I’m in the Zone… but I’d slept a lot. As in I had no sleep the day before and then sort of fitfully fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning the next night/day and then slept until 2pm in an effort to catch up with myself.  All that did was make me exceptionally groggy but my migraine pain slipped down to a low 5 and I thought ‘huh must be at the tail end of the zone’.

Now my significant other man had wanted to go hang out with a co-worker and have me meet his wife who suffers from fibromyalgia. Fibromites Unite! And being as I am such a hermit and they had gone to the trouble to make dinner and set up the time and and and … I did not want to cancel just because I was in the Zone.  Is there ever a good time when you have daily migraines?  Hell no.  Not lately anyway. The weather and such makes it brutal. So why not? No skin off my back. I’ll suffer no matter where I am and a few hours isn’t going to kill me, right?

Well. Don’t socialize in the Zone. Bad idea. Go into a coma. Hide under a rock. Whatever.

We went and it was great. Great chat, great food.  Maybe my brain wasn’t all there and maybe I wasn’t fully functional but whatever. I wanted to go and I went. The mistake was that I had four beers. Any beer is a mistake in the Zone. I thought it would be fine since I had been in such a mild pain state that I might have been at the end of the status migraine and in the hangover part… but no. I can have a few drinks, of beer only though, on a no migraine day (er, not sure the last time that happened… as I said I am a hermit and I don’t socialize and I do get daily migraines so… not very often that all works out).

The first beer was fine. The first beer is Always fine.  It is sort of numbing and that makes you feel good and sociable and chatty and then you have more fun and drink more beer. So the second one goes down great.  Then during that third one (and if you are a lightweight like I am due to the non-drinking thing then by number three you are feeling pretty darn good) but you feel that pain level spike up. It was throbbing, a spike of pain from my neck to my ear that hurt every time I moved my head and horrible ringing on that side of the head in my ear and some occasionally hearing loss, and this visual snow went nuts.

Then I was like ‘well shit, I’m screwed’. Now, normally I wouldn’t be because we would have dinner and go home and I’d treat my migraine. But no, my man had had four beers and couldn’t drive so I had no meds. No Meds. I thought well it won’t get much worse. So I stopped the beer.  Ate supper.  Switch to something else to drink and hoped.  Too late.  It got worse and worse and worse.

And I’m trying not to show it because I don’t want my man to feel bad that we can’t drive home, knowing I won’t be able to treat the pain or sleep.  But I got quieter and quieter and began doing the Posturing.  My Pain Posturing.  In my case pulled my legs up so I could rest my arm on my knee and use that arm to support my neck and just hold it tight and rub it.  It was agony. One of those Movement migraines I get once in a while where every little movement spikes pain through my head. The more you move the more it hurts. I had to stay as still as possible. I knew I was in for a long, long painful night of not sleeping. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it with the pain being at a 9.

My man noticed my behaviour and my growing silence.  He went to talk to our hostess and told her I had a migraine and that we would have to go.  It had been a bit from dinner and he was sure he was now good to drive given the time that had passed from his last drink. Normally I’d say its better safe than sorry, but I was just so damned relieved. Because that was a serious amount of agony I didn’t want to endure all night long.  So we drove home and every little bump in the road shot into my head, every time we slowed to a stop I felt it in my head. It wasn’t fun but I was getting home so I took like a woman with her big girl panties on.

We get home and immediately I take my triptan and a painkiller and a bottle of water to hydrate. My man thought I should take my Toradol shot, but always try the tripan first and see.  And I had to lay down and not Move.  Moving my head in just a small way was Killer.  Took four hours but it went away.

Woke up feeling fine.  And got a new migraine in the afternoon. Back to normal.

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