Visual Snow- what symptoms are there?

Visual snow is a condition that causes persistent static in the visual field. It can range from mild to intense. There is a correlation to migraine in that 50% of the people with Visual Snow have migraine, but the remainder never has. Here is an article I wrote on Visual Snow. Here is a list … Continue reading Visual Snow- what symptoms are there?

Supplements: Something to consider

Dietary Products for Pain: Truth & Consequences  "Of great concern is the potential for dietary supplements to interfere with effective pain management or, worse, to cause drug-drug interactions — ie, various prescribed and nonprescribed agents fighting against each other — leading to serious adverse events [discussed in UPDATE here]. For example, earlier this month [here] … Continue reading Supplements: Something to consider

Fickle Fibromyalgia: my pain flare stories

Venturing out of my abode got me thinking about fickle fibromyalgia pain. Recently I have been thinking about the variety of FM symptoms because some of them overlap with chronic migraine symptoms such that I don't know which is the cause... such as vertigo; migraine-associated vertigo or FM related vertigo, or the balance problems and … Continue reading Fickle Fibromyalgia: my pain flare stories