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Wow… there is some coolness in migraines…

Super cool things about migraines I saw this and had to read it… and it is hilarious… here are the ones that made me laugh…


  1. I’m skinny.  I’m teased mercilessly, but all of that fun diarrhea, nausea and vomiting keeps me the envy of all those healthy people around me who have choices.
  2. I know the difference between “happy” and “healthy”.  The first I consciously practice, the second I pray for.
  3. My electric bill is cheap.  Keeping the lights off due to constant light sensitivity will do that.
  4. I’m smarter than my doctors.  They keep telling me “I don’t know”.
  5. My car will live forever.  It rarely leaves my driveway and has maintained its gorgeous good looks and value throughout the years.
  6. I can speak in tongues. When aphasia hits, no one understands what I’m trying to say but me.
  7. I am easily amused.  It takes a lot less to make me smile, laugh, or appreciate something.  When the lows are so low, even a little high seems big.
  8. I rock at conversation.  When prodrome makes me forget what I’m talking about I can change the direction of conversation on a dime.
  9. I have real live superpowers. This includes super sensitive eyesight, hearing, smell and taste.  My skin is so sensitive I can feel a door open across a room.

super Kool things about migraines

One makes me laugh because of all that weight loss I’ve had on topamax and my recent influx on complaments because of it… if only they knew it was a drug, diarrhea and nausea. doesn’t that sound like a blast?

number two is just something we learn with chronic pain that douche bags who judge us for smiling and laughing will someday learn when they get sick

As for three… yes living in a cave is cheap on the electricity I’ll admit.

Four is a little sad but general doctors really don’t know that much about migraines… its when you know more than your neuro you need to be freaked.

My car has not moved for two weeks.

I think I can speak in tongues. Funny enough when I start garbling up my words… my man still understands me… I think he gets migraine speak after fifteen years with me, isn’t that a scrary thought?

I am extremely easily amused. I apparently giggle at everything but I say I have a girly chuckle. My boyfriend works with things called nipples at work and I tell him he needs to go fondle all his nipples… and it literally cracks me up, actually I laugh every time he talks about them… its the visual image.

I also rock at conversations… the end up being weird rambling conversations about stange things, and often guessing games thrown in there for fun.

I think she is right we really do rock the super powers. Seriously we can hear, taste, smell and see way too well. Unfortunately I only trust my senses fifty percent of the time… they lie a lot when my brain misfires. Unless I do see air.


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