Killer migraine-a-thon

Joan Didion“That no one dies of migraine seems to someone deep in an attack as an ambiguous blessing.”

It is Status Migraine time. Yay. Actually, it is Day Four of the migraine-a-thon. I get through three days with stoic determination and it is usually by day four I’m screaming on the inside. On the outside I expect I look constipated… like I’m holding all that pain in tightly before it explodes. I just don’t think a migraine is meant to last this long. It really starts to mess up the neck and jaw area. I can’t sleep with my mouth closed it hurts so much. Also, I get this tingles across my skull that say ‘Hey you might pass out if you blink’. And I get this vertigo when I’m sitting that makes me feel like I’m falling forward. I’ve noticed this a lot when the pain is acute. This increase in vertigo along for the ride.

The worst thing about my hormonally triggered status migraine-a-thons is the nausea and the IBS. I swear I cannot eat because every time I do… I really regret it. I’ve literally gone to the bathroom more times in the last three days than I have in the last three months. Not fun at all. Really takes a gals appetite away you know? If the nausea didn’t first. So by day four, I’m sort of sick. I try to drink water to hydrate myself but it is hard to keep up. You just feel run down and drained, like you had the stomach flu from hell. And I wonder how any medication I take even has time to even freaking digest?

I have not noticed any emotional consequences from the extreme pain though. Since I am not working it means I don’t have to work tomorrow. That is a Relief. If I did have to and I am in this much pain that I am already frantic with it and wish desperately I could do something about it, but I know there is nothing I Can do but wait it out… if I had to go to work tomorrow… I would be working myself into a depressed state and then be anxious.  No one wants to be in acute pain and then know the next day that pain will get worse but they will be in a situation where they will have to pretend they are not in pain while trying to focus and trying to concentrate and trying to to make errors. How can that make anyone happy?

It can’t. And the Migraine Zone makes it easy to get frantically depressed and thing unreasonable thoughts because the pain is so intense and lasting and you are already consumed by it. Status migraines are dangerous migraines for more than just stroke and heart attacks. They are just plain dangerous for the pain we are in. So I am profoundly relieved I don’t have to work tomorrow.



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